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IEEE International Workshop - 24-26/10 PDF Print

The University of Naples Federico II organizes a workshop on 


"Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry"


to create an active and stimulating forum where academics, researchers and industry experts in the field of measurement and data processing techniques for Agriculture, Forestry and Food can meet and share new advances and research results.


The conference will be held in Portici (Naples) on the October 24-26, 2019.





  • assess the quality of micrometeorological measurements;
  • present new measurement techniques;
  • show novel findings on surface layer theory and parametrization at the local scale;
  • compare mass and energy fluxes estimates obtained with different in situ measurement methods, or compare in situ measurements and modeled or remotely sensed fluxes;
  • upscale point measurements to larger scales;
  • analyze mass and energy fluxes trends for long time series and spatial patterns
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